Mini Dragons (MD)

for younger elementary students

In our Mini Dragon program, students will learn about the Martial Arts in a safe and fun environment while working on coordination, balance, focus, teamwork, friendship, individuality and self-esteem. We promote various aspects of health, good food and exercise, along with self-defense and anti-bullying techniques.

Rank belts are earned through tests but at a simpler pace and only when the student is ready. Rank earned at this level is kept when they promote to the Kid Dragon program.


No rank is GIVEN at INFINITUS. Students earn their belt ranks. Each program is designed to work with students of all ages and abilities. It is the desire of the instructors to allow each student to learn in an environment that is safe, fun and enjoyable for all.

Special Needs Dragons

teen thru adult

This class is designed for the student who is, or considers themselves to be, special needs. It is based on the same principles taught in other programs, but the students learn hand and feet techniques more geared towards self defense and self-esteem than typical martial arts training, although each student is taught as much as he or she is desirous to learn.
Belt ranking is the same as the MD program but is at a pace for each student.

KID Dragons (KD)

for elementary students (with approval of instructor)

Learning about Martial Arts continues in this program, but as the student matures, more emphasis is on learning about one's own abilities and how to fit into our world in a positive way. Rank testing is a part of the KD program, with rank earned staying with them when they promote to the Young Dragons.  KD students have fun, get in great shape, learn valuable self-defense skills, and priceless character development lessons. Our program will develop the self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in anything they do while surpassing their peers and safely navigating social interactions.



Our Programs


older school age thru adult (with approval of instructor)

This Martial Arts program is designed for the more mature school aged or older student who enters INFINITUS with little or no martial arts training, or who has advanced through the younger aged programs and has shown themselves to be able to handle a faster paced class. This program takes a student through the beginning ranks preparing a student for either advancement into the Adult Dragon class, or offers them a solid base in martial arts for self-defense or fitness reasons. Students will not advance to intermediate or advance levels.

Adult Dragons

Orange belt and above (with approval of Instructor,)

This class continues past the YD program, encompassing all of the aspects of the Martial Arts taught at INFINITUS, including traditional martial arts, Kumite and Kata, self-defense, grappling, and fitness. Classes are taught to the ability of the student, although the instructors will assist each student to learn how to challenge themselves as they gain ongoing necessary life skills, abilities, confidence, and rank. Testing is done when requirements are met and at this level most students have decided to work towards and earn a black belt rank in karate, knowing this achievement is not the end. Our hope is that all students incorporate skills learned here into their lives, careers and future.