Have you ever found yourself in a position where you:


                                                       WONDERED IF YOUR FAMILY COULD TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES?


                                                                                             WOULD JUST LIKE TO BE MORE CONFIDENT?

WERE SCARED FOR YOUR FAMILY?                                                                          

                                                                        WERE CONCERNED FOR YOUR SAFETY?          


      IF you have, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  

We live in a world with many distractions. So... It is not unusual to lose track

of things from time to time, rush somewhere, lose track of your surroundings,

or get caught up in life as you go about your day.

We forget to plan for things that are not comfortable to talk about.


At INFINITUS Martial Arts and Self-Defense we help each student to:

Discover confidence to handle unexpected situations.

Discovers discipline within them self to conquer what life brings.

Find the level of fitness that allows them to be the best they can be in their lives.

Confidence, Discipline, Fitness andMore

We have classes for all ages and abilities. NO ONE should feel they can not be a student and help themselves become a better person! We take each person individually and do not expect everyone to learn or perform like anyone else.  Stop in and meet our instructor, discover what we can do for you, and learn what we means when we say, "the possibilities are endless.." at INFINITUS!